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Our Personal Debt Relief Program is designed to pay off your debt for less than you owe, in the shortest time frame possible. Spend less time worrying and keeping track of all your debt and more time living your life stress free.

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Freedom To Dream Financial, LLC is a private self-funded company and is dedicated to providing assistance to those who want to work toward reducing debt and improving their credit score. You can have financial freedom. I realize that many people are reluctant to pick up the phone to seek help. Rest assured that I am kind, caring and understanding.

When you call I will ask you a few basic questions about your income and debt amounts. Then you will have the option of scheduling a free appointment with me, a Debt Relief Consultant / Credit Repair Specialist, to discuss your situation in more detail. Consultations and appointments are confidential and you are not obligated or pressured to purchase anything. Your information is not shared with creditors or any other third party without your expressed written consent.

Call for an immediate personal debt relief or credit repair appointment and you can be on the path to financial freedom!

When you eliminate debt you discover freedom.

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With decades of personal experience, we deliver our knowledge to you

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Reaching across multiple creditors, we develop the right plan to get the job done

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Expert strategy

Don't play games with your money. Just win.

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Money Minded

How does all that fine print work? We know!

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Time management

We handle the details, so you don't have to.

Our Personal Debt Relief services

Free Consultation

Learn your options with a free consultation. No obligation, just a sincere offer to help.

Credit/Debt Audit

Take an honest and accurate look at your debt. You’ll make the informed decision that is right for you.

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Management Plan

Whether you do it yourself or let me do it for you, you will gain a life free from crippling debt.

Financial Freedom

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• Get a Free Financial Assessment
• Consolidate Your Debt Into One Monthly Payment
• Find A Plan That Fits Your Budget
• Reduce Your Monthly Payments
• Get Debt Relief Without A Loan
• Get Rid Of High Interest Credit Debts
• Consolidate credit bills into one easy monthly payment
• Pay off your debt faster
• Lower your interest rates regardless of credit score
• Stop collection calls

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Follow our blog for helpful ways to manage your finances. Budget your money, avoid debt, and make the most of every dollar. We post regularly, so be sure to visit often. When you’re ready to begin, we’re here.

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Ciera Daniels

Bankruptcy Chapter 11

In a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, reserved for businesses, which is often referred as “reorganization bankruptcy” because it allows the business to remain open even when they are restructuring their business debts and assets so that they can repay creditors. Chapter 11 is not for individuals or couples who are attempting to file bankruptcy, only for

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Ciera Daniels

Bankruptcy Chapter 7 vs Chapter 13

Are you considering bankruptcy? Learn the difference between bankruptcy Chapter 7 vs Chapter 13. We can help you make the right choices. A bankruptcy is a legal action for people who see no other way out of paying their extensive debt, which includes having tried a debt relief company. In fact, you will have to

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Credit Card Debt
Ciera Daniels

Prepaid Credit Cards

With prepaid cards, you spend your own money as opposed to money lent from a bank. Although prepaid cards might carry the Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express logo, they are vastly different from traditional credit or debit cards because they are not connected to any bank account and you don’t have to borrow money

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Financial Freedom is a process, not an event. Freedom to Dream Financial is with you at every step.