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Freedom To Dream Financial, LLC sells the service of financial peace of mind. Through my program my clients begin in dire financial straits and in as little time as possible, we work together to organize their current bills and past due debt to obtain a better understanding of where they, the client, sit. 

Finally through my program, I show them a clear path to follow if they choose the debt management plan option because I do not believe in keeping the clientele in the dark about any step of the process. When you “graduate” from my debt management plan, you will be able to manage your lifestyle change. 

Yes, it is a lifestyle change as much as eating healthier to achieve a healthy weight is, but it can be done simply and without straining your budget.

It is an empowering and uplifting feeling for me to know that I have helped someone out of a difficult situation but it is even more satisfying to see the stressful look on my client’s faces dissolve as they realize that their dreams of becoming financially independent are within their grasp. 

I intend to be there to assist you throughout the entire probes to make your journey go as easily and smoothly as possible. As my client, you will be able to refer family and friends to Freedom To Dream Financial due to your unique experience with my company.

I will be providing Budgeting Seminars in and around the local community. Please call to see when and where they will be.

A Message From Our Owner

Overview And Experience

About Christine Stacy

I am a United States Navy Veteran and spouse to a United States Air Force veteran, and admire those who currently serve in the military and those who have served as well. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

My personal motto is from Phillipians 4:13 which says, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”

failure is not an option

I have been in your shoes and want you to know that there is at the end of the tunnel. Through God’s intervention, a very caring personality, and using the program that I spent the last thirteen years dedicating myself to, I know I can do my job exceedingly well. I have spent the last thirteen years creating this program that I use personally to manage my finances.

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Guiding Principles

Freedom To Dream Financial abides by five main principles, each of which allows me to run this business to its fullest capabilities, as well as serve my clients with the utmost care.


As the owner of Freedom To Dream Financial, I am responsible to my clients, to be there for them when they need me for any reason, and for providing world class service. One of my goals is to be accessible and approachable. Another goal is to be proactive in my communication with clients through quarterly newsletters, educational events, periodic phone calls to check in, and annual financial assessment reviews.


As a Christian, I am accountable to God and following Biblical guidelines 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. I am accountable to my clients and am upfront about fees, expenses and length of time it will take to complete their Debt Management Program. Thus said, I am accountable to my industry.


My parents taught me to believe in absolute Biblical truth that never waivers, in the 10 Commandments, that I should love God with all my heart, soul, and mind, and love my neighbor as I would love myself. I offer services with integrity, not because of outside influences that keep us accountable, but because of the personal beliefs I hold, and am internally motivated to the strong moral principles to which I adhere. Freedom To Dream Financial wouldn’t have been started if I wasn’t going to back up my name with my actions.


Establishing roots in my community is important because of the benefit to clients. They will know who is serving them, can build a relationship of trust over the time needed to complete my program and for many years to come. I am active in my community through my local churches and non-profit organizations.


My personal commitment to excellence is my norm. This means always striving to be the best in everything I do. Freedom To Dream Financial strives to offer the best financial services to clients. I seek education for myself and offer education to clients and possible clients as well. Pursuit of the latest technology and systems, keeping up to date with the ever changing breakthroughs is important to me. Superb customer service and proactive communication is important too and is imperative to the running of any successful business. The client, not money, is the foundation of Freedom To Dream Financial’s beliefs and success.

we are part of the process. all the way.

Financial Freedom is a process, not an event. Freedom to Dream Financial is with you at every step.

At Freedom To Dream, your privacy and security is always our foremost priority.