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Debt Management

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Do You Have a Debt Problem?

Take this quiz to find out

1. Do you use your credit cards for day to day purchases like groceries and gas or anything you can’t use cash to pay?

2. You have so many debts that you are late with payments because you can’t remember due dates for each bill?

3. You make only the barest of minimum payments on credit card or other debt?

4. You believe that you have enough income to pay your debts but somehow can’t make ends meet each month?

5. Your credit card interest rates are so high that when making the minimum payments, you don’t even come close to reducing the balances?

6. You have or plan to borrow money from family or friends to pay your bills?

7. Do you feel like you are drowning in debt and don’t see a way out of your dilemma?

8. Do you stress each day about how you are going to pay your current and past due debts on time and in full?

9. Are you having trouble in your marriage due to the stresses of your debts?

10. Do you wish you could just win the lottery and all of your problems would go away?

Financial Freedom

Which Way To Turn

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Navigating to a Debt-Free Life

Do you feel so overwhelmed by debt that you can’t sleep, creditors are harassing you with annoying phone calls at home and/or at work, or are you getting threatening letters? Are you having troubles due to the amount of debt you owe?

I can stop this nuisance from happening to you! Simply enroll in my debt management plan to stop creditors from harassing you.

We can work with all types of balances from very little owed to the extreme. Put your life on track and get debt free. I work for you – not the creditors.

Enjoy your financial freedom. You will see your debt disappear before you know it. As we work together with the debt management plan, you will begin to live with less stress.

Start today. You can do it!
Call (502) 974-0569.

Debt Management Program

Do I Qualify?

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Qualifies for Program

  • Credit Cards
  • Department and Other Store Cards
  • Signature Loans
  • Private Student Loans in Default
  • Personal Lines of Credit
  • Old repossessions
  • Other Unsecured Debts
  • Old Judgments

Does Not Qualify

  • Home Mortgages
  • Federal Student Loans
  • Car Loans
  • Medical & Hospital Bills
  • Credit Union Debts
  • Other Secured Debts

How Much Debt Do I Need to Qualify for This Plan?

The straightforward answer to that is simple – There is no minimum or maximum amount of debt to qualify for a debt management plan. The real question you should be asking is – Are you doing a good job managing your debts monthly or are you paying minimum or missing payments altogether just to keep your head above water?

If you feel like you are just barely making it each month and you want to keep your head above water, then you have enough debt for my debt management plan.

How Our Program Works

If you are in angst over the amount of debt you have and are ready to take the step to financial freedom, enroll in my debt management plan and you will see your debt diminish over time and your credit score increase. My debt management plan will reduce your monthly payments, including reducing your credit card interest to create a debt management plan that is right for you and in 3 to 5 years (some even less), you too can be debt free. You will be required to freeze all credit cards but one which will remove temptation and allows you to begin reducing your card balances. This card will be used for emergencies only, not for everyday purchases or to pay another bill.

Every debt management plan is designed to eliminate your debt but there are other benefits to being in this plan. I work with your credit card companies to not only reduce your interests rates on your cards but also to have your late fees waived. You will learn how to use the monthly budget that we will create together. We will evaluate your income and expenses to create an affordable budget for you and your family that allows you to have monthly spending money for those little splurges we all like to have occasionally.

Short-Term Relief. Long-Term Success.

After you have completed my debt management plan, you will receive a new budget that you can keep up with and not have to stress over each month. It will reflect your income and expenses as well as your emergency savings account.

As you work through my debt management plan, I will work to increase your credit score more by working with the three credit bureaus to remove the bad debt notations from your credit reports so your score may be increased even more.

“When you eliminate debt you discover freedom.”

Freedom to Dream Financial

Financial Freedom

How We
Can Help

Freedom to Dream Financial is dedicated to being your partner in your debt relief process.

Consultations and appointments are confidential and you are not obligated or pressured to purchase anything.

Your information is not shared with creditors or any other third party without your expressed written consent.

Call for an immediate debt relief or credit repair appointment and you can be on the path to financial freedom!

Financial Freedom

Proper Planning is Key

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Our Debt Resolution Program is designed to pay off your debt for less than you owe, in the shortest time frame possible. Spend less time worrying and keeping track of all your debt and more time living your life stress free.


Debt Analysis

We will identify your qualifying debt, in any amount.


Building your Plan

Our experienced consultant will guide you at every step.


achieving your goals

Sleep easier and live a fuller life. Start building tomorrow, today!

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Financial Coaching Services

financial coaching

For a small monthly fee I will counsel and coach you in the best way you can get out of debt. I advise you as to what to pay and when to pay so that you can become completely debt free.

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Debt Reduction Services

debt management without high bills

For a small monthly fee plus the cost of your negotiated debt payments, I pay your debt for you. You need only to send one payment to my office and you will begin too see your debts will reduce quicker. The weight and stress of being in debt will ease as you go through my program. As your debts decrease to zero balances, I will work tirelessly to make them disappear from your credit report.
I am here to serve you in the best way we can!

plan of action

Credit Report Cleanup Services

debt management credit cleanup

For a small monthly fee I will work hard to remove inaccurate and derogatory items from your credit report! Achieve a higher score before you know it!

plan of action

Client Referral Program

Freedom to Dream client referral handshake

When you refer a potential client to Freedom To Dream Financial, you will be rewarded in return with a thank you gift… a check at the end of the month for $10 for each client that hires us to work for them. Additionally, your friend will get $10 off of their first month of services. In the statement that accompanies the check we will list each client you referred us and notate the $10 gift for each and the total you are receiving. The total amount will then be stated on the check. We thank you in advance for your trust and consideration.

we are part of the process. all the way.

Financial Freedom is a process, not an event. Freedom to Dream Financial is with you at every step.